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hospital complex

Saint-Nazaire, France
hospital project

A modern approach
to healthcare

two hospital

The aim of the project was to create a large, horizontal roof structure to bring together two separate healthcare facilities: Pôle Hospitalier Mutualiste and Centre Hospitalier de Saint-Nazaire.

The new complex includes medicine, surgery and obstetrics with 750 beds, a 1,924 m2 intern unit, the French blood service (EFS) and the public treasury department (218 m2).

Inside, the establishments share an entrance hall and technical facilities platform.

A co-development project

Architects Groupe 6 were responsible for the design. Eiffage Construction and Eiffage Energie handled building work. Eiffage Immobilier Ouest oversaw property development in conjunction with Icade. The complex was delivered in 2012.

The project is a benchmark for sustainable development (wood-fired heating system, solar panels) and the thermal performance of materials complies with the most stringent standards.