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Casino resort
Barrière of Lille

Lille (59), France
Casino resort Barrière of Lille has been built by Eiffage Construction
team play

3 months in advance

The top and down technique has been used to build the casino resort Barrière of Lille

Top and down

3 months were gained on the site thanks to the so-called "top and down" technique, which allows to start the infrastructure at the same time as the superstructure.

The realization of the four levels of parking and the assembly of the 12 levels of the building was done simultaneously.

The facades of the Hotel-Casino Barrière de Lille were realized by Goyer

Group synergy

Located in the heart of the northern capital, the casino resort Barrière was built by Eiffage Construction Lille Métropole and Goyer for the facade.

This challenge was raised by teams accustomed to underground work in a very dense urban environment. This achievement is the perfect example of the synergy that results from the association of several branches of the Eiffage group.

Casino resort Barrière of Lille from the inside

In brief

- Client: Barrière Casinos
- Architects: Jean-Paul Viguier (agent) and Coteba (execution)
- General contractor: Eiffage Construction Nord - Pas-de-Calais
- 48,000 m² Shob
- 125 hotel rooms and 17 suites
- 1,400-seat auditorium
- 680 parking spaces