Eiffage Aménagement wins the development concession of the ZAC du Mas Lombard in Nîmes (30)

Eiffage Aménagement wins the development concession of the ZAC du Mas Lombard in Nîmes (30)

The city of Nîmes has appointed the teams of Eiffage Aménagement to realize the eco-district of the ZAC of the Mas Lombard. This project of nearly 90,000 m² has a strong landscape dimension through the notion of “inhabited park”. This new city entrance will be a dynamic neighbourhood right away, thanks to the opening of a connected and collaborative concierge service as soon as the first unit is delivered.

The site of the ZAC du Mas Lombard constitutes a land reserve of about 46 hectares east of Nîmes, in continuity with existing neighbourhoods, in an area dominated by agriculture.
Carried out by a multidisciplinary group of which Eiffage Aménagement is an agent, the project involves the development of 1,150 housing units, 12,000 m² of floor area for commercial activities and offices, and strengthens the offer of proximity equipment with the realization of a school group of 14 classes and sports facilities.
Designed by the firm Lambert Lénack Architectes Urbanistes, this future district is part of an ambitious environmental approach with an exemplary strategy through the choice of high-performance labels and certifications. Guided by the principles of sobriety and energy efficiency, the project anticipates in particular the Environmental Regulation 2020, with E3C1 certification.
Bravo to our teams for this great success!

Key dates of the project​

  • 2020 - 2021 

Regulatory studies and filing of first building permits.

  • 2022 - 2024 

Works phase 1, opening of the neighbourhood concierge, delivery of school group and sports facilities.

  • 2024 - 2027 

Works phase 2.

  • 2027- 2030 

Completion of public space works, construction and delivery of the last housing unit.