Customer service manager

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The customer service manager is responsible for defending company interests in the case of claims and ensuring safety on worksites. This involves preventing claims against sitework and, where necessary, dealing with the situation accordingly. This is a key role for the company, its employees and its customers.


  • Risk analysis and control in relation to after-sales service
  • Defending company interests
  • Handling claims and dealing with repercussions
  • Preventing claims by means of effective information sharing and awareness-raising among teams


Technical skills

  • Knowledge of insurance policies, legal framework, corporate and worksite law
  • Knowledge of worksite organisation
  • Knowledge of documentation for all trades, including standards
  • General knowledge of all trades

Managerial and social skills

  • Teaching skills and ability to rally teams

Safety skills

  • Analysis and control of risks in relation to after-sales service
  • Design and implementation of technical, human and organisational resources for the prevention of accidents in the workplace