The Châteauneuf district of Guyancourt gets a new work of art as part of the charter "1 building, 1 work"

The Châteauneuf district of Guyancourt gets a new work of art as part of the charter

In Guyancourt, the work of art Lièvres et Banc sculpted by Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel was inaugurated on November 23 in the Châteauneuf district by Eiffage Aménagement. The City and Eiffage Aménagement wanted to integrate a work of art in the heart of the new public spaces created at the Pont du Routoir. Eager to give voice to the inhabitants of the area, they appealed to the action Nouveaux Commanditaires de la Fondation de France.

Ten residents of the neighbourhood formed a group of sponsors who reflected on how a work could fit into the neighbourhood by valuing its history, its social mix and its proximity to a natural environment. To carry out this process, they have benefited from the advice and assistance of Mari Linnman, artistic mediator accredited by the Fondation de France.

The selected artists, Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel, winners of the 2012 Marcel Duchamp Prize, created a sculpture in a large block of rounded granite eroded by time. Entitled Rocher en Granite with Bras, Lièvres et Banc, the work proposes to the public a direct relationship, encouraging them to sit there and touch it. The placement of such a natural and massive stone in an urban context offers the possibility of approaching a primary element that recalls the growing distance between the human being and the places of production of the majority objects or materials that surround it on a daily basis.
This work of art is labeled in the framework of the charter «1 building, 1 work» signed with the Ministry of Culture.