Rehabilitation of the eco-campus LyonTech-la Doua is starting

Rehabilitation of the eco-campus LyonTech-la Doua is starting

The ambitious rehabilitation project of the LyonTech-La Doua scientific and technical campus in Villeurbanne aims to position it in 2025 as a reference site on a European scale in science and technology for a sustainable society.

The strategic project of the campus is in line with the University Development Plan, jointly sponsored by the Metropole de Lyon and the University of Lyon. It is a market for design, construction, operation and maintenance.

The project, carried out by Eiffage Construction Rhône, involves the rehabilitation of some 20 buildings on 140,000 m² and 100 hectares, in particular to improve the quality of life of the 30,000 students, teachers and researchers on site and to facilitate the accessibility of disabled.

100,000 m² of building surface are intended to receive businesses.

Construction starts in March on the first 2 buildings. Two more buildings will follow in June. A total of 22 buildings will be delivered until 2020.

For more information, visit the Lyon Cité Campus website.

To discover the future campus, watch the slideshow:

Photos credits : Kaupunki perspective