Our workers on the hoarding of Grand Hôtel Dieu in Lyon

Our workers on the hoarding of Grand Hôtel Dieu in Lyon

The Grand Hôtel-Dieu project in Lyon, France, is progressing at a fast pace. For the façade work, the scaffolding now envelopes all the site’s buildings.

The largest span of scaffolding, along the Soufflot building’s external façade, on the Rhone River quay side, supports an advertising tarpaulin managed by JC Decaux. This massive 36- metre-long by 13-metre-high tarpaulin is used by private advertisers that change monthly. Since the start of the work, it has featured L’Olympique Lyonnais, Apple, Audi, Motorola, Seat, Turkish Airlines, etc.

In February, Eiffage Immobilier decided to promote the Eiffage Construction tradesmen who work each day on the site. The teams therefore got a huge surprise to find themselves looking down larger than life from the façade of their workplace. The 6000 passers-by and the 40,000 motorists who drive past this hoarding will now be in no doubt that the largest reconversion project for a historic monument in France is in the hands of the Eiffage group.