Louvre: Eiffage Construction at the museum

Louvre: Eiffage Construction at the museum

Eiffage Construction Equipements Services is tasked with several projects at the Museum and the Carrousel du Louvre. Take a guided tour.

Since July 2016, visitors to the Louvre Museum have had access to a fully refurbished reception area: new ticketing has been created in the former bookshop which has been transferred to new premises occupying two levels in an area previously not open to the public (€4 m). This major restructuring operation (12,000 hours of heavy construction work) was conducted by Eiffage Construction Equipements Services at a site that remained continuously open. As a result, the noisiest work was performed outside opening hours to minimise any inconvenience.
After completing this particularly delicate assignment, the same teams were again contracted by Etablissement public du musée du Louvre for another project to be completed by the end of 2017 to facilitate the reception of group visits. The construction and finishing work (€2.1 m) involves a restructuring operation over two levels of the southeast wing including the construction of small amphitheatres where guides can gather their groups of tourists prior to visiting the museum.
Between these two projects, Eiffage Construction Equipements Services restructured for Unibail the 1200 square metre Carrousel du Louvre reception room foyer adjacent to the Museum. Work involved demolishing a mezzanine, reworking existing structures, creation of a metal staircase and an undulating timber slat false ceiling, relaying the stone flagging, etc. The teams successfully completed this €3 million project in summer 2016 within the 2.5 month deadline imposed by the client.