Inauguration of the new municipal equipment «Cresco» of Saint-Mandé realized by Eiffage Construction

Inauguration of the new municipal equipment «Cresco» of Saint-Mandé realized by Eiffage Construction

A new municipal equipment, built by Eiffage Construction, at the service of associations, culture and innovation of the city of Saint Mandé has just opened its doors last September after 18 months of work! On this occasion, an inauguration ceremony was organized in the presence of Patrick Beaudouin, Mayor of Saint-Mandé and Vice-president of the Metropolis of Greater Paris, Patrick Ollier, President of the Metropolis of Greater Paris, Jacques J. P. Martin, President of Paris-Est-Marne & Bois, Olivier Pelat, President of Europequipements, François Pero, Architect President of Goes-Peron Architectes and Olivier Genis, President of Eiffage Construction.

The teams of Eiffage Construction Equipements have officially delivered to the city of Saint-Mandé its new socio-cultural center «CRESCO» of 3200 m² in R+7.
This very compact building includes many different activities on a small area:

  • a 250-seat auditorium (already 10 shows scheduled!),
  • a fully modular ground floor for exhibitions and entertainment,
  • a space for associative and cultural activities (15 halls),
  • a business incubator,
  • a space for co-working,
  • a cafeteria,
  • a roof-top serving as an outdoor amphitheatre.

Designed by the agency Goes-Peron Architectes, the expression of lazy rough concrete facades draws its sculptural inspiration from the large trees surrounding the wood of Vincennes. By this treatment, the building involves in particular with the false door realized at the rear of the building on 13.0 m of span. This original and impressive achievement will become a remarkable milestone in the city of Saint Mandé.
Eiffage Construction illustrates once again its great know-how in the construction of complex cultural buildings that require the skills of highly qualified general enterprises.