Inauguration of the Maison de la Culture Nevers Agglomération (MCNA) renovated by Eiffage Construction

Inauguration of the Maison de la Culture Nevers Agglomération (MCNA) renovated by Eiffage Construction

Following a major phase of modernization work, the Maison de la Culture Nevers Agglomération (MCNA) was inaugurated in October, in the presence of Jacques Delaine, Regional Director of Eiffage Construction Est, Denis Thuriot, President of Nevers Agglomération and Alain LASSUS, President of the Departmental Council of Nièvre.

Eiffage Construction Est has carried out in CREM (design-realization, maintenance and maintenance) major works to modernize the Maison de la Culture Nevers Agglomération, whose construction dates back to 1969.
This major project consisted of:

  • energy retrofitting of facades (1500 m² of ITE)
  • replacement of all windows (2000 m² carpentry)
  • the redevelopment of the hall with relocation of the main entrance
  • the creation of a small café-concert hall (130 m²)
  • the expansion of the cafeteria with possibility to have lunch inside and outside
  • the installation of a lift to serve a green walkway on the first floor
  • vegetated roofs-terraces: development of educational corridors on the Maison de la Culture with themed vegetal surfaces (vegetable garden, medicinal …) in low (30 cm) and high (110 cm) planters. For the Sports House inaccessible roofs were vegetated as a flowery meadow.

The project involves a major innovation: the façade of the stage cage has been embellished by a large glass envelope creating a dynamic wall (use of a double or triple wall combined with an external air supply), called Trombe Wall (named after its inventor in the early 20th century). Located one metre from the existing walls, it will warm the building in winter and cool it in summer. 

This site mobilized 70 companions for 14 months. A large part of the amount of work is dedicated to improving energy performance with an ambitious goal: a 47% reduction in expenditures!
Jacques Delaine, Regional Director Eiffage Construction Est, stressed during this inauguration the involvement of the teams, the architect (ABW Architecture) and the local subcontractors, with special mention for Miroglace, local company that worked on this project with the giant Saint-Gobain. He also wanted to thank the City and the Agglomeration for their trust: Eiffage Construction Est has won several construction sites related to public facilities in the territory for the past ten years.