Health: Eiffage Construction & Eiffage Energie Systèmes deliver four projects to the Hospices Civils de Lyon in two months

Health: Eiffage Construction & Eiffage Energie Systèmes deliver four projects to the Hospices Civils de Lyon in two months

Our teams once again demonstrated their expertise in healthcare sector operations! This time, this expertise was illustrated in Lyon, through 4 projects on the Hospices Civils site: from October to December last year, the Pierre Garraud, Pavillon M, B16 and M.I.T projects were successfully delivered by Eiffage Construction and Eiffage Energie Systèmes!

Pierre Garraud Geriatric Hospital (Lyon 5) :
The 180-bed Long-Term Care Unit is spread over 8000m² and designed by CRR, Perspectives Architecture and the HGM design office. Common living areas, accessible outdoor spaces, therapeutic garden and central logistics premises with service courtyard are integrated into the unit.
Due to the repetitive nature of the works, the project was carried out in a quasi-industrialised mode favouring mass production: pre-walls, prefabricated beams, fairground pre-slabs, prefabricated bathroom cabins, production of first-of-its-kind witnesses, etc...

Eiffage Energie Systèmes' teams installed the power and lighting installations and all the chilled water and hot water production (heating and domestic hot water distribution), as well as the smoke extraction system. After 19 months of work and delivery by our teams, Eiffage Energie Systèmes is currently in charge of the operation and maintenance of the care unit under a 4-year renewable contract.

Pavillon M (Lyon 3) :
Teams from Eiffage Construction Rhône Services delivered Pavilion M, which consists of a "post-emergency" and psychiatric emergency unit, as part of the overall renovation of the Edouard Herriot Hospital site.

With in-house project management at the Hospices Civils de Lyon, the renovation of this building, which is listed as a historic monument and has a floor area of approximately 3,500 m², took 13 months and was carried out in synergy with Eiffage Construction Rhône Loire.

B16 (Groupement Hospitalier Est - Bron) :
Teams from Eiffage Construction Rhône Services delivered the second phase of the restructuring of this building for the curage/demolition/underpinning and architectural works packages. Designed by Tourret Jonery Architects and ER2I, the Intensive Care Unit was built on an occupied site: the adjoining intensive care unit was in operation and in the Covid phase. Mediation during these very sensitive works was essential.

On the Eiffage Énergie Systèmes side, the high and low current works on a partially occupied site, as well as air treatment, filtration, qualification work (measuring flow rates, dust levels and air renewal rates) and control of excess pressure, were carried out.

Infectious and Tropical Diseases M.I.T. (La Croix Rousse - Lyon 4) :
The 5500m² and 45 beds/places operation was also carried out in connection with the existing building and on a site in operation. Highly technical project, it was designed by Art&Build, Unanime and Artelia and includes :

  •     31 single air-conditioned rooms,
  •     12 individual negative pressure isolation chambers,
  •     2 highly insulated single bedrooms (P4)
  •     a SAS for ambulances, giving direct access to two lifts, which allow high-risk patients to be taken up to high isolation zones without having to use the building's circulation system.

The diversity of pathologies treated in the department imposes strong constraints in terms of air and waste treatment, sealing and room pressurisation, in order to ensure impeccable sanitary quality. Eiffage Energie Systèmes' teams have installed high-tech HVAC and HVAC systems to meet these requirements, as well as access control systems.

The first patients are expected to arrive in early March, thereby increasing capacity in Lyon and the surrounding region.

Congratulations to all the teams mobilised for these fine operations, which once again remind us of our know-how in the hospital sector!