Grand Canal district: new phase started by Eiffage Aménagement with the demolition of the Pentagone Plaza tower

Grand Canal district: new phase started by Eiffage Aménagement with the demolition of the Pentagone Plaza tower

The demolition of the Pentagone Plaza Tower, a former tertiary building of nearly 20,000 m2 spread over 15 floors - located on Avenue du Général de Gaulle in Clamart (Paris region), represents a major step in the urban renewal of the city of Clamart (92) and the development of the new Grand Canal - Plaine Sud district orchestrated by Eiffage Aménagement.

The demolition operation, operated this Sunday, August 23 at 10 o'clock by the group led by Eiffage Demolition, initiates a new phase of the project by releasing the space necessary for the creation of 300 new housing as well as shops and activities.

Eiffage Demolition and Avenir Deconstruction, in association with IDEA, have demolished the Pentagone Plaza Tower with explosives. This 40,000-tonne concrete structure, 55 metres high and classified as IGH, required complex deconstruction techniques and means, given its atypical structure.
The relatively isolated location of the building made it possible to use the so-called "slow fire" method which foresees the explosion of charges over several seconds considerably reducing nuisance, and preparing the materials for future and full on-site recovery. The use of explosives in the context of a deconstruction had not been done for 13 years in the Île-de-France region.

In 2014, in the spirit of public-private co-production, Eiffage Amenagement and the mayor of Clamart, Jean-Didier Berger, wished to requalify an area of activities in decline, located in the south of the city, in order to make it a mixed district offering not only housing but also restaurants, public facilities, green spaces and a canal. The arrival of line 6 of the tramway and the development of the departmental road along this sector have played an important role in this transformation.

The Grand Canal - Plaine Sud neighbourhood, with a total of 1,500 new housing units, including 20% social housing, is expected to be completed by 2024. With 190 homes already delivered, it welcomed its first inhabitants in the spring and the school group Plaine Sud turned towards languages and digital will be inaugurated on Monday, August 31 to open its doors as soon as the new school year in September.

Orchestrated by Eiffage Aménagement, the creation of this district brings together numerous Eiffage expertise, with Eiffage Immobilier, Eiffage Construction, Eiffage Génie Civil, Eiffage Démolition, Perez et Morelli, Eiffage Route, Eiffage Energie Systèmes et Eiffage Concessions. It reflects our global environmental approach: it aims at the HQE Aménagement certification, including the establishment of a biomass boiler and specific facilities for the recovery of stormwater, the reuse of land and deconstruction materials. It will also have 13000m² of green spaces, a canal, and a body of water.
Thank you to all our partners for this impressive milestone together: City of Clamart, Hauts-de-Seine Prefecture, Avenir Deconstruction, IDEA, Artelia, Ginger.

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