Eyes on "Rives Plaisance": Eiffage Immobilier delivers more than 100 homes on the Isle Adam marina

Eyes on

The Isle Adam marina is a flagship project carried by Eiffage Aménagement since the summer of 2017, in which many of Eiffage's business lines are involved. Eiffage Immobilier is one of them, and has just taken a major step forward in this operation by delivering more than 100 housing units located around the basin; 84 other social housing units will be delivered in the next few weeks.

The Isle Adam marina, an atypical and exceptional project in Île-de-France! With the construction of a marina, a harbour master's office, a lock and shops, a total area of 9 hectares is taking shape.

Our Eiffage Immobilier teams have in turn contributed to the progress of this large-scale project by delivering the first part of the housing units, the "Rives Plaisance" residence: watch the video.

Designed by architect Derbesse Delplanque Architects et Associés, the project comprises 104 housing units in the process of being acquired, for which marketing began in 2016 and delivery is scheduled for December 2020, and 84 social housing units, for which delivery is scheduled for early March. Spread over more than 11,000m² and 6 buildings, the architecture of the buildings is traditional with a wooden frame, a zinc roof and brick facades with wooden cladding.

On the environmental side, the operation meets the NF Habitat HQE (High Environmental Quality) and RT 2012 standards.

One of the specific features of this operation is that it is located on a former military site used mainly in 1870 and 1945, a historic site that was formerly bombed and polluted, and situated between a body of water transformed into a marina and the Garenne ponds, which constitute a fishing reserve.

Congratulations to our teams at Eiffage Construction Résidentiel and Eiffage Construction en Picardie for this delivery, and thanks to our partners: ERIGERE, SOCOTEC, FIDAL, Wargny Lelong et Associés, SERRAIN et Associés, META acoustique, IE Conseil, LAND'ACT.

Photo credits : Florian Beaupère // Myphotoagency