Eiffage Construction’s BIM expertise revives the prehistoric art of the Cosquer cave in Marseille

Eiffage Construction’s BIM expertise revives the prehistoric art of the Cosquer cave in Marseille

Created by Perspective(s), an SME expert in 3D technologies chosen by Eiffage Construction, and with the advice of our BIM experts, the 3D model presented in Marseille at the end of June is a first step towards the realization of the replica of the Cosquer cave, which will be installed in the Mediterranean Villa in the Phoenician city. Eiffage Construction is part of the group led by Kléber Rossillon, and will begin work on this atypical project in September, opening in the summer of 2022.

In the South-East of France, this construction operation is strong because atypical: it consists of the realization of a replica of the cave Cosquer and its cave frescoes in an existing building of the Villa Méditerranée, a cavity discovered in 1991 by Henri Cosquer, immersed at 37m of depth in the creeks.

The presentation of the 3D modelling at the end of June is an important step, because allows to visualize the replica concretely. Carried out by Perspective(s), the BIM teams of Eiffage Construction were asked, notably through Mickaël Garabedian (BIM Manager) who brought his expertise on the subject. BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology represents 3D digital work methods and models containing smart data.
On this project, the use of BIM is key: after collecting data from the cave, a cloud of points has been reconstructed and serves as the basis for the 3D reconstruction of the cave. "We start from very precise statements transmitted by the state services. The phase we are currently experiencing is major. It will allow artists to paint molded walls or resin panels and thus make the most faithful reconstruction possible and in its smallest details of the original cave", said Christian Dal Santo, Head of Sales Development at Eiffage Construction in South-East.
Eventually, the project will consist of 14 panels manufactured in workshops and managed by Eiffage Construction. Before starting the work, our role will be to coordinate the integration of the different panels into the cave volume, made in unique molds. The restoration of the cave will be done in the almost 1000m² of a basement level of the Villa Méditerranée. The cave modelling will then be integrated into the model of the building created by the architecture agency Corinne Vezzoni et Associés.
Thanks to this process and this faithful modelling, visitors will in turn be able to project themselves in these cavities with rich rock heritage, made up of prehistoric paintings and now threatened by the rise of the waters of the Mediterranean. From the summer of 2022, on board of electric pods, visitors will be able to discover the Cosquer cave, as if they were there. Guaranteed immersion in this prehistoric heritage setting!