Eiffage Construction wins 360-unit rehabilitation contract in Lille

Eiffage Construction wins 360-unit rehabilitation contract in Lille

The teams Eiffage Construction Nord Pas-de-Calais will rehabilitate the 360 units of “La Chapelle d’Elocques” in design and production for Lille Métropole Habitat.

Located in the Hellemes district of Lille, the operation called « La Chapelle d’Elocques » will be carried out on a total surface area of 21,500 m².
This market of rehabilitation includes:

  • Improving thermal performance to meet the BBC Renovation requirement,
  • adapting housing to the new family composition of tenants,
  • the development of social diversity (demolition of dwellings and garages to free up land reserves for a complementary intergenerational residence project),
  • The support of the tenants during all the process of rehabilitation of this said operation " housing drawers " with the creation of "l’Hôt-El", federative place which the animation will concern social, cultural and associative aspects. It will take place in the built to be rehabilitated at the heart of the district. It will gather the office of the Social Pilot, a meeting room, a corner information construction site, but also 6 housing drawers grouped to suggest to the most probable tenants moving with the Social Pilot, or can move closer to two tenants wishing to move nearby. This project of support is carried by the whole team (grouping Conception - Realization, lessor, social pilot).

Eiffage Construction Nord Pas-de-Calais is an agent of the group consisting of the architectural firms Tadem and Blau, the BATSUP, KIETUDES and HPC Envirotec study offices, the landscape artist Slap and the tenant manager Kay Consultant.
Construction work is scheduled to begin in October 2019 for a projected delivery in 2024.