Eiffage Construction teams is building the impressive 21,800 sqm site at the Brest University Hospital

Eiffage Construction teams is building the impressive 21,800 sqm site at the Brest University Hospital

Signed in May 2019 after winning the dedicated call for tenders, the operation consists of the design, construction and maintenance of the Institute of Oncology and Imaging on the Cavale Blanche site attached to the Brest University Hospital. Our teams from Eiffage Construction (lead contractor), having completed the structural work at the end of December 2021, are now working on the out-of-air phase.

This new structure will bring together radiotherapy, oncology, haematology, imaging and nuclear medicine services in an area of 21,800 sqm. Developed in partnership with the Groupe 6 architectural firm and the EGIS design office, this new complex hospital complex will be delivered in summer 2023.

The project meets the following objectives

  •     to strengthen the visibility of cancer care in Western Brittany in terms of both care and research;
  •     to bring together complementary skills and expertise on the same technical platform
  •     to offer a high quality of reception and care to patients and their carers;
  •     to improve the working conditions of hospital staff.

To achieve this, the new complex will be equipped with :

  •     5 radiotherapy bunkers, 1 cyclotron bunker, 1 interventional bunker ;
  •     3 scanner rooms - 1 2 MRI rooms - 1 radiology room
  •     4 PET rooms - 4 SPECT rooms;
  •     76 rooms (beds) including 2 iratherapy rooms and 16 haematology rooms sterile rooms;
  •     38 day hospital places.

For the construction of the radiotherapy bunkers, 550 cubic meters of barium concrete (high density concrete 3.5) were used. This heavy concrete is more effective in combating the waves emitted by the biomedical equipment in the bunkers, which makes it possible to reduce the thickness of the walls and floors, and consequently the floor space.

On the environmental side, the building will be connected to the urban heating network, a heat recovery system will be created, and external insulation will be installed.

The building's multi-technical maintenance will be carried out for five years by Eiffage Energie Systèmes' teams.

Integration is a major component of the project: 15,000 hours have already been worked during the structural works phase, out of a target of 17,500. At the end of the project, 210 workers will be working on the construction phase, which is a major project!

Congratulations to our teams involved in the project, and thanks to our partners:

  •     Client: CHRU Brest,
  •     Project manager: Groupe 6 and BET EGIS,
  •     Assistant project manager: A2MO
  •     Maintenance: Eiffage Énergie Systèmes