Eiffage Construction signs a partnership with France Clusters for the creation of third-party innovation centres in the territories

Eiffage Construction signs a partnership with France Clusters for the creation of third-party innovation centres in the territories

France Clusters, a network of 80,000 companies that create and maintain a relational system enabling them to increase their business and growth opportunities, has identified the need to create places of innovation to boost and sustain the business ecosystem in an entrepreneurial way.
In light of the interest and the obvious dynamic of its members, France Clusters has signed a partnership with Eiffage Construction to help it find places of innovation that meet the needs of its partner companies. With this partnership, Eiffage Construction demonstrates its involvement in the heart of the territories.

Since 2016, in response to the needs of their member companies, many competitiveness clusters and clusters are carrying out projects to create places of innovation: technological innovation platform, experimental spaces, fab labs, living labs.
A major topic for the future, France Clusters feels highly concerned about this topic. That is why the company is using the expertise of Eiffage Construction to help it find suitable locations that meet the needs of its partner companies.
This concept of a place of innovation is an innovative concept that accelerates the growth of the cluster. In fact, the place of innovation will structure and professionalise the offer of SME services and this place can also participate in the business model of the cluster by means of private financing. Finally, beyond the positive externalities produced, this venue also expands the range of SME services of the cluster or competitiveness cluster (incubation, acceleration).
The DNA of Eiffage Construction is its local location and its knowledge of the French territory and the men and women who live and work there. With 11,000 employees in more than 80 establishments, Eiffage Construction is the logical partner of France Clusters, so the strength comes from its network of 400 clusters made up of 80,000 companies throughout France.
In order to best meet the expectations and problems of the clusters and clusters that are part of a dynamic process of building innovation sites, the action programme between France Clusters and Eiffage Construction provides for:

  1. the creation of a «Cluster Trophy»: the cluster community imagines exemplary projects of places of innovation. The presentation of the projects of 3 nominees and the election of the winning project by jury composed among others of professionals of Eiffage Construction has taken place on 13 September 2019 in Paris during the forum FILEX France (1st Forum of Networks of Excellence and Territorial Ecosystems). This innovation competition represents a real opportunity for the 3 businesses (builder, promoter and urban planner) Eiffage Construction to position itself as a partner of the companies that carry out their innovation policy loud and strong and translate it through the design and realization of a dedicated place. The know-how of builder, developer and urban planner can be of sure help to the project owners, future winners of the trophy.
  2. the realization of a road trip (4-5-6 December 2019): Discovery of the diversity and plurality of existing places of innovation and thus enable clusters and clusters to decipher and understand the different stages inherent in the creation of innovation spaces. Over 3 days, in 3 different cities, each stop will be an opportunity to benefit from feedback and to identify with the project owners the best practices and benefit from expert advice.
  3. mutual support to accompany the structuring projects of places of innovation in the territories, on a topic rich in topicality and in the trend desired by the State with the publication of the AMI «Fabriques de Territoire» which aims to support and accelerate the development dynamics of third places in the territories through the granting of financing.

Through this partnership, Eiffage Construction illustrates its desire to become a partner of choice for the development and strengthening of the French entrepreneurial fabric.