Eiffage Construction is realizing 82 of the 219 wood social housing units for ADOMA

Eiffage Construction is realizing 82 of the 219 wood social housing units for ADOMA

Eiffage Construction is currently in full action on this project in the South-East, which concerns the realization of 82 of the 219 wooden social housing units for Adoma (CDC Habitat Group). They constitute the first phase of the Social Residence «Les Arcades» in Salon de Provence and are carried out on an occupied site, which implies a constant and open dialogue with the tenants. Some of the elements are also pre-manufactured off-site. Bringing together several Eiffage expertises (Savare, HVA Concept, Chastagner), this operation is proof of the synergy between businesses and the environmental approach of Eiffage Construction and the Group with the very present use of wood.

Spread over 3 buildings in R+3, this first phase concerns the demolition and reconstruction of the building A of the Residence. It is expected to be fully delivered by the end of 2022.

Realized with CDC HABITAT ADOMA as Client, ACME as Assistant Project Manager and the architects Atelier WOA and Vincent Lavergne Architecture Urbanisme, one of the particularities of this project is the synergy between Eiffage expertises at different stages of design:

  • For the demolition and asbestos abatement of the building, it is Chastagner, entity specialized in the activities of asbestos abatement, selective deconstruction/demolition, industrial dismantling, and recycling of materials, which took place in the 4th quarter of 2019;
  • For wood construction, it is Savare, an expertise of Eiffage Construction expert in wood construction for more than 40 years, which realized the 970 m² of wood frame walls (MOB), the 1700m² of wood floors and 550m² of wood framing in building A. Mindful of the preservation of the environment, Savare values wood through innovative solutions and technologies that meet the challenges of tomorrow’s construction;
  • Another concept of Eiffage Construction is integrated in the realization of these social housing: HVA Concept, industrial bathrooms and prefabricated to "High Value Added". An innovative concept, it was created by Eiffage Construction in 2008 with the objective of reducing construction times, simplifying the life of the construction site while taking into account a sustainable development perspective.

With the intervention of Savare and HVA Concept, this operation is a real off-site project. The off-site is a constructive mode that finds its relevance in a project with drawers, which allows a speed of execution by avoiding noise and climatic hazards. A new and innovative way of building that we develop through our Eiffage Construction concepts and subsidiaries
Another peculiarity of the site is its realization in occupied site. A project of this type has the same characteristics as a «classic» project with an important additional challenge: the intervention in the private space of the tenants, who become full partners of the project. To include and inform them, information meetings are held within the Residence and presentation sheets are given to them. It is also an operation called «in drawers»: the work cannot be carried out with all the tenants on site at the same time, some are temporarily relocated in apartments-relay before they return to the apartments refurbished. Dialogue is therefore essential throughout the operation.
The project is also part of a digital transformation of the building led by Eiffage Construction. By using a tablet-based application developed with Finalcad, information on the progress of the project can be easily reported. In this case, it was used for the control of floors, wood elements and Secondary Trades.

Photo credits: Thierry Lavernos