Eiffage Construction builds the future judicial city of Mont de Marsan

Eiffage Construction builds the future judicial city of Mont de Marsan

On the occasion of the end of the great work of the judicial city of Mont de Marsan, Madame Nicole Belloubet, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals, Madame Genevieve Darrieussecq, Secretary of State to the Minister of the Armed Forces and many elected officials visited the site, led by the teams of Eiffage Construction, to emphasize the importance of this project expected for 30 years and supported by the APIJ, Real Estate and Justice Public Agency.

This building with a total surface of 5000 m² is designed by the architectural agency Brochet Layus Pueyo and realized as a general enterprise by the teams of Eiffage Construction Sud Aquitaine.
The project aims to bring together the various courts: the Tribunal de Grande Instance and the Cour d'Assises, the Tribunal d'Instance, the Conseil de Prud'Homme and the Tribunal de Commerce.
Signed in September 2018, this contract was first the subject of a collaborative working phase between the stakeholders for three months, at the request of APIJ, allowing the control of the market elements upstream of the work phase.
The bulk phase of work begun in March 2019 has just been completed. Eiffage Construction teams have used their expertise to erect concrete walls up to 12 metres high for the five courtrooms.
The sealing phase of the building is currently underway with the laying of carpentry and joinery.
The architecture of this project has mobilized the know-how of many secondary state bodies due to the wide variety of materials used: wood, stone, metal and glass.
This project will provide a more functional and secure distribution of jurisdictions and will contribute as from March 2021 to the legibility of the judicial institution in the department of Landes.