Eiffage Construction and Finalcad: our collaborators tell us about the life of a digital construction site!

Eiffage Construction and Finalcad: our collaborators tell us about the life of a digital construction site!

In an open innovation approach and to respond to the challenges of digital construction sites, Eiffage signed in 2016 a partnership with Finalcad, a software specialized in site monitoring, which is one of the many tools and accompaniments put in place for employees to optimize their daily work. In a series of 4 videos, our collaborators - who also are users - will give us each week their preferences and their use habits of this tool which has become essential.

Indeed, with the digital revolution underway, a transition has begun on our construction sites, and has been for several years. This digital transformation of the building and construction industry is an important project and represents a real strategic dimension of performance, productivity and quality. The need to acquire these tools is multiple: to collaborate better, with more transparency and fluidity, reduce the time lost on tasks that have no added value, and above all, doing it without papers!

More and more of our construction sites are now using the Finalcad solution, for every step of the site: to annotate plans, to monitor our projects, to monitor progress, or to pilot our subcontractors. The scope of our collaborators' missions and responsibilities in the field is such that equipping them with these tools is essential. They allow a better operational management, real support, and thus an optimization of the quality of the projects delivered. And who could be better to show us the completeness and essential character of this type of solution than our employees? During 4 weeks, you will discover weekly the testimonies and answers of Finalcad users, their reasons for using it, and why they can no longer do without it.

Discover the videos here (in French):

For those who would like to learn more about Finalcad, or adopt the tool in a simple and easy way, an Eiffage Construction site has been designed to present and own the solution (in French) : A training path is also available (in French) on MyUniversity, an internal enterprise platform created by Eiffage University, which provides a wide range of advice on different types of subjects for those who wish to train independently.
A new year of partnership is starting, this is an opportunity to (re)update with Finalcad! Thank you to all our collaborators for their participation to the videos!