Eiffage Beneluxorganizes successfully the Week of Solidarity

Eiffage Beneluxorganizes successfully the Week of Solidarity

From 8 to 12 October, Eiffage Benelux organized the Week of Solidarity. As an important actor of the economic and social life, Eiffage Benelux wished to create a stronger link with the company through various projects.


The week of solidarity was a success because 180 colleagues participated in 10 different projects in the domains of the social integration, the poverty, the childhood and the youth, the solidarity, the nature and the environment.
The collaborators of Eiffage Benelux made furniture from wooden pallets recycled in favour of the association The Anchor (Solidarity Pallets), renovated several premises (Betonne Jeugd, School The Small Source), cooked with and for young (Habbekrats) and contributed to the environment by maintaining diverse nature reserves and forests (Natagora and Natuurpunt).
We would like to thank all the organizations for having welcomed the volunteers of Eiffage and for having made of this Week of Solidarity, a big success.

Insights of each project :
Betonne Jeugd : Social integration of disadvantaged young people not corresponding to the offers of the market of the current employment.
Habbekrats : An organization to help the children and the young people from 8 to 18 years old to socialize. Habbekrats set up eleven houses through all the country where 2500 young people meet every year. 
Kamiano Anvers (Sant’Egidio) : Christian mayman community (60 000 members in more than 70 countries on all the continents) meeting the poorest of their own city.
Natagora : Projects of protection, raising awareness and educational on the nature. Mobilization to protect the biodiversity of the natural housing environments in Brussels, in Wallonia and in the region of Luxembourg.
Solidarity pallets : Creation of furniture from wooden pallets who will begin a beautiful " second life " in a school.
Sporen : Development aid educational of the children, young people, families with complex and/or precarious situation.
Ecole la Petit Source: Special education to the children having difficulty of learning: dyscalculie, dyslexia, signs language, dysphasie, and difficulties of concentration.
Fondation Susa : Support of autistic people, people having an intellectual deficiency and/or behavior disorders.
ASBL Stappen & Lejo : Home of help to protect girls from 14 to 21 years old in situation of social vulnerability. THE ASBL LEJO organize the COMPOT project, the creative and inspiring place created by young people and volunteers.