Eiffage Benelux deploys the mobile urban battery on its worksites, a sustainable alternative to diesel generators

Eiffage Benelux deploys the mobile urban battery on its worksites, a sustainable alternative to diesel generators

As part of the Eiffage Group's sustainable development strategy to become a leader in low-carbon construction, Eiffage Benelux, a subsidiary of Eiffage Construction, is installing mobile urban batteries on its sites. Near Grid Solutions has developed the Green Box battery for this purpose, a sustainable alternative to diesel generators. Installation of the first battery is scheduled for the end of 2020. This is a fine example of how sustainable development can be taken into account right from the worksite phase!

In addition to a significant reduction in the CO2 footprint, the Green Box mobile urban battery offers several other important advantages for our worksites. Our employees will now be able to work without noise pollution, potential downtime will be avoided as periodic maintenance will become unnecessary and the energy transition of the future will be anticipated. In addition to the benefits for our employees on site, the mobile batteries will therefore also have a positive impact on the general well-being of local residents around the site.

It is a solution specifically designed and adapted to our worksites:
"This order was preceded by numerous measurements and tests on several of our Eiffage sites in recent months. Based on these results, we worked with Near Grid Solutions to develop a customised Green Box model. In particular, we would like to be able to supply our small sites, which are currently supplied with electricity by a single diesel generator, more efficiently. In concrete terms, our Eiffage battery model will power all our worksites by covering all our electricity needs, a tower crane, our worksite offices and all the worksite electrical cabinets." Stefan Eerens, Managing Director of Sodemat (Eiffage Benelux equipment department)

The main interest remains to fit in with Eiffage Group's ambitious environmental approach deployed in all its business lines:
"With this purchase, we are reinforcing our ambition to become a low-carbon company by significantly reducing CO2 emissions on our sites. I am proud that, thanks to our efforts in circular construction and our constant desire to innovate, we can contribute to a more sustainable world." Christophe Van Ophem, Managing Director of Eiffage Benelux

In short, mobile city batteries have many advantages:
- High energy efficiency
- The CO₂ footprint is decreasing significantly
- No gas emissions
- No noise emission
- No periodic maintenance required, therefore no downtime
- No fuel supply
- Use of green electricity
- Quick site start-up thanks to the standard residential connection
- Consumption under control

In addition to being an advantageous solution on all the points mentioned above, the collaboration with Near Grid Solutions went very well. Frank Vermeulen (Near Grid Solutions) tells us more:
"As a start-up, we are an accelerator of the energy transition. Our Green Box is the first successful product suitable for a modern construction company like Eiffage. Eiffage Benelux - Sodemat, is our first equipment rental customer. With Sodemat as our customer, we can quickly and efficiently adapt our products and services to the rental company. This gives us an overview of possible follow-up orders so that we can easily expand the rental business even further. Eiffage Benelux is a leading player in the sector. The size of the group in Belgium, which is active in all regions of our country, and its international presence, particularly in France, is an ideal launch pad for us to achieve our long-term ambitions. Eiffage Benelux - Sodemat has made the resolute choice to significantly reduce the CO2 footprint of its construction sites. We are impressed by the efforts already made. The fact that they have chosen us is also an example of this."

Congratulations to our Belgian teams for this great initiative in favour of sustainable development!