Discovering the " happening art " with Eiffage Immobilier!

Discovering the

During the inauguration of the Chambéry offices on October 27th, Eiffage Immobilier's guests were able to witness an exalting moment of pure creation: the "HAPPENING", creation in public of an artistic and original work. Work which joins the "1 building, 1 work" charter .

Eiffage Immobilier developed an operation of 4 500 m ² offices in the URBAN DEVELOPMENT ZONE of the Grand Verger in Chambéry and settle Eiffage Construction Savoie, Eiffage Immobilier Centre-Est and GCI travaux spéciaux on the 4th and 5th floors of the building.
As a part of "A building, a work" charter signed with the Ministry of Culture, Eiffage Immobilier makes a commitment to make "endow" every new program of aartwork (sculpture, paint, broadcasting, multimedia, etc.) by calling in artists.
The day of the inauguration, the artist from Aix-les-Bains, Robert di Credico, internationnaly recognized for his " happening art " (painting created live in front of a public), created live under the eyes of the guests a  painting made of the acrylic paint.
This painting was realized in 15 minutes, the time to listen to " the Bolero " of RAVEL and was named "Crescendo".

On the canvas, a conductor is represented. Why this choice? The client Eiffage Immobilier and the general contractor of work Eiffage Construction are the conductors of a set of persons receiving providers and of contributors whom we can assimilate to the musicians, to bring to a successful construction of the building.