CREPI Ile-de-France is 20 years old!

CREPI Ile-de-France is 20 years old!

To mark this event, the Regional Club of Enterprises Partners of the Insertion welcomed partner companies and public on the occasion of a festive day in the premises of Apprentis d'Auteuil.

In the presence of Philippe Martin (DGA of RATP), Olivier Genis (President of Eiffage Construction) and Jean-Pierre Mahé (President of CREPI Ile-de-France), the CREPI AWARDS, an event that aims to enhance the commitment of companies and partners of CREPI Ile-de-France.
Two entities in the branch have thus received:

  • the 'best talent detector' trophy: Eiffage Construction Equipements
  • the trophy of the corporate citizen: Eiffage Construction Grands Projets

This day was also the occasion for the CREPI Ile-de-France and the RATP to renew their partnership agreement which should serve the following objectives:

  • define the pre-requisites for the implementation of specific actions
  • contribute to the access to and maintenance of employment for people seeking professional solutions.

Olivier Genis awarded him the Trophy of Honor with the words 'the companies are involved because the men are.'

This day ended with a friendly moment around a cocktail.

CREPI Ile-de-France is a club of associative companies in the departments of the Ile-de-France region, which have been committed since 1997 to allow the return to employment of people who are far away from it.
In close collaboration with local institutions, integration actors and its network of companies, CREPI Ile-de-France works for and with people seeking employment seeking professional solutions by encouraging their encounters with Businesses and the business world. The national CREPI network, initiated and supported by Eiffage, now has 15 structures. All Group branches are active and represented in the CREPIs.