Athletes' Village 2024: Sector E investors divide up the lots

Athletes' Village 2024: Sector E investors divide up the lots

On 29 July, the Groupama Group and CDC Habitat, investors in Sector E of the future athletes' village, signed the VEFA (

sale before completion transaction

) deeds with the SCCV Saint-Ouen Héritage (Nexity, Eiffage Immobilier and CDC Habitat). The village will house athletes from all over the world during the summer of 2024, and will then be transformed during the "Heritage" phase to make way for a completely new neighbourhood.

An ecological and 100% reversible village
The project, which covers an area of approximately 58,000 sqm in Saint-Ouen, meets strong ambitions in terms of sustainable development and reconversion. Based on an economical construction method, combining French wood and low-carbon concrete, it has been designed to allow for the complete conversion of the district. Thus, once the summer of 2024 has passed, the village will be completely redeveloped and opened to the general public, businesses, shops and associations.

Distribution of lots
The VEFA acquisitions of these assets took place at the same time as the launch of the works in early July.

  •     For this project, Groupama Immobilier mobilised several of its principals, including the AGRICA Group, which has a majority stake. The investors represented by Groupama Immobilier become the owners of a property complex of approximately 19,200 sqm, which will be transformed after the summer of 2024 into : 14,800 sqm of offices, 2,900 sqm of housing and 1,500 sqm of shops.
  •     CDC Habitat is particularly involved in the entire development zone of the Village. In sector E, CDC Habitat, as a co-developer, actively contributed alongside Nexity and Eiffage immobilier to the design of the project, its residential programme and the definition of the environmental, social and urban ambitions. Throughout the Village, the CDC Habitat Group is providing a complete and inclusive residential pathway. In sector E, this translates into the acquisition of more than 340 housing units (130 social rental units, 86 intermediate rental units, 129 affordable rental units) as well as 1,600 sqm of commercial premises at the foot of the buildings.

"Through these transactions, carried out on behalf of the AGRICA Group, the Groupama Group and its regional mutuals, we wanted to be part of a long-term vision, by creating a neighbourhood that offers the amenities of a sustainable, social and supportive city. This urban complex, open to the Seine valley, will include family and special housing, various economic activities, shops and the facilities needed to accommodate new populations."

Eric Donnet, Managing Director of Groupama Immobilier

"The signing of the VEFAs for Sector E of the future athletes' village is a new stage in the progress of this major project for the influence of the region and the country, but also for the future inhabitants. We are proud of this achievement, which was completed on schedule."

Jean-Luc Porcedo President of Nexity Villes & Projets

"CDC Habitat is going to acquire more than 1,200 housing units (social, free, intermediate, specific student and disabled residences) in the Olympic and Paralympic ZAC. Our ambition is to prepare the future and the durability of this future district in compliance with the environmental and societal ambitions of the Olympic and Paralympic phase, and to allow a sustainable and realistic management of this district designed to be resilient in the face of the 2050 climate, accessible to all and reversible. With this project, CDC Habitat is demonstrating that a neighbourhood can be reversible, sustainable, bioclimatic, inclusive, mixed and supportive. The replicable approach of these ambitions at the national level is at the heart of our ambitions as a player in the general interest."

Anne-Sophie Grave, Chairman of the Management Board of CDC Habitat