Athletes' Village : Eiffage Immobilier and the Sector E grouping sign the deeds of sale for the plots of land

Athletes' Village : Eiffage Immobilier and the Sector E grouping sign the deeds of sale for the plots of land

It's official! The 2 groups that make up sectors D and E of the Athletes' Village have just signed the deeds of sale and officially become the owners of the land. The SSCV Héritage group, which is responsible for sector E and which includes Eiffage Immobilier, is led by Nexity and is made up of CDC Habitat, EDF and Groupama. This is a new stage that has been reached and announces the construction work that will begin in the spring!

This signature marks the completion of the commercialization process started in 2019, and the opening of consultations.

The Athletes' Village is a true life-size demonstration of the city of tomorrow: it will be the place where more than 14,000 athletes and accompanying persons, of all nationalities, will live, stay and eat. After the Games, this Village will be transformed into a sustainable, innovative and inclusive city district, offering specific family accommodation, shops, offices and new public facilities (crèches, schools, high schools, gymnasiums, etc.).

Aligned with the objectives of the Paris Agreement, together with our partners, we will demonstrate that it is possible to propose a constructive model that will make it possible to halve carbon emissions over the entire life cycle of the buildings, preserve biodiversity and offer a real quality of life for its inhabitants.

In addition to being an incubator for improving our ecological transition tools, the Athletes' Village has strong ambitions for economic and social inclusion. We aspire for the 2024 Paris Games to be a catalyst for best practices and a lever for growth.
Jean-Luc Porcedo, President of Nexity Cities & Projects, said: "The entire group of companies in Sector E of the Athletes' Village is delighted that the project has been completed with the signing of the deeds of sale for the land. A genuine "life-size" experiment in the city of tomorrow, this operation is designed to transform itself from 2025 into a resilient and green piece of city designed to meet the new challenges. »
Thought first of all for the legacy, the Athletes' Village will become a truly vibrant neighbourhood after being invested during the Olympic and Paralympic Games by athletes from all over the world.
Congratulations to all the members of the group for this great step forward, as well as to the designers of the real estate programme in Sector E: CoBe (Belvederes) / KOZ (Villas); Landscape designer: Atelier Georges; architects : KOZ / Cobe / Barrault Pressacco / Lambert Lénack / SOA / DREAM Atelier Georges.
Photo credit: ©SOLIDEO