Art, greenery, diversity: in Capinghem, Eiffage Immobilier delivers the Cocoon'Ages® intergenerational residence

Art, greenery, diversity: in Capinghem, Eiffage Immobilier delivers the Cocoon'Ages® intergenerational residence

Located in the Humanicité eco-neighbourhood, supported by the Institut Catholique de Lille, on the outskirts of Lille, the Cocoon'Ages® Vitruve project is being developed by Eiffage Immobilier in North-West of France, in partnership with Récipro-Cité. In addition to the concept's principles of living together and diversity, this programme includes an artistic dimension with the installation of a work of art as part of the "1 building, 1 artwork" charter, and an environmental dimension, with various initiatives in place.

This mixed programme of 80 collective dwellings (including 58 homes for sale to the general public and 22 homes sold to SIA under the VEFA -sale before completion- scheme) is divided into 3 buildings ranging from the first to the fourth floor, covering more than 5,200 sqm of floor space.

It offers housing from T1 to T4, as well as shared spaces with, in particular, a Maison des Projets of more than 100 sqm whose interior layout is adapted for all types of disability (equipped kitchen with electrically adjustable work surface and remote button for the hood, visual contrasts for access and electrical equipment, raised toilet surrounded by two lifting bars, etc.). This Project House is extended by a large terrace of 77 sqm, where activities developed with and for the residents will take place.

Led by a Manager-Animator, this convivial place represents the heart of the Cocoon'Ages® concept, which advocates the values of solidarity, diversity and living together: creating social links between all generations.

The homes, designed by Maes Architecture, are adapted or adaptable to all types of public and are scalable to accompany the life of all residents. On the outside, the stained concrete and brick facade combines modernity and integration with the surrounding architectural heritage.

The project pays particular attention to the architectural and landscape issues of the site. In harmony with its environment, the residence opens onto a green heart of the block and manages to create a perfect transition between town and country. The green spaces - which represent almost 2,000 sqm - are very present in this development and allow this transition. The 160 sqm green roof also contributes to the landscaped areas.

In terms of energy and the environment, thermal comfort is assured with the aim of obtaining NF Habitat HQE RT -10% certification for one of the buildings, and NF Habitat HQE RT -20% for the other two buildings. All are connected to the district heating network operated by Dalkia for all heating and domestic hot water.

Art is also integrated into the programme with the installation of the "Arbre à Palabres (PALABRA)" by artist Michel LAURENT, as part of the "1 building, 1 artwork" charter signed with the French Ministry of Culture.

Congratulations to all the teams from Eiffage Immobilier and Eiffage Construction (40 workers at peak times!), and thanks to our partners:

  •     Project manager MAES ARCHITECTES,
  •     Acoustic design office: Kietudes,
  •     Heating network: Dalkia,