Showcase project

Home of Chocolate

Kilchberg, Suisse
Lindt Home of Chocolate - Lindt und Spruenglikeystone Alexandra-Wey

A temple
for chocolate lovers

Home of Chocolate - Lindt

An establishment
with many flavours

Located in Kilchberg, Switzerland, designed by architects Christ & Gantenbein and built by Eiffage Suisse as general contractor, the Lindt "Home of Chocolate", which covers an area of 4,200 m2, consists of

  • a research center to develop projects in collaboration with the universities of applied sciences and thus promote young chocolate talents in Switzerland,
  • exhibition areas for the public to learn more about the history of Lindt and chocolate (origin of cocoa, establishment in Switzerland, tasting sessions, etc.),
  • a chocolate factory offering workshops on chocolate making
  • the largest Lindt boutique in the world, with a surface area of 500 m².
Home of Chocolate - Lindt

An architectural delight

The choice of materials for the façade is a tribute to the pioneers of chocolate - inspired by the historic brick building dating from 1899, it offers a modern reinterpretation.

The architecture of the three-storey Lindt - Home of Chocolate has a distinctly contemporary feel.

The walls are made of approximately 170,000 red and 50,000 white bricks. The curved, white façade opens dynamically into a fully glazed entrance

Home of Chocolate - Lindt

Innovation and training,
something for everyone

Spread over 1,500 m², the interactive exhibition, whose scenography was entrusted to Atelier Brückner, will allow visitors to discover the history of chocolate as well as its ecological, social and nutritional aspects. The various aspects of chocolate will be approached in a sensory way thanks to several innovative workshops.

In addition, La Lindt - Home of Chocolate presents itself as a specialised educational institution for the initial and further training of Swiss chocolate professionals and young talents, in collaboration with universities and colleges. It also includes a training and research center, the "Pilot Plant", specially designed for experiments and practical work.

Home of Chocolate - Lindt

In details

This multimedia and interactive project, erected on 4,200 m² of land, required 4 years of work and the removal of approximately 70,000 m³ of earth. The new 20 m high building is in harmony with the surrounding buildings. The icing on the cake is the world's largest chocolate fountain. This attraction, which is about 10 metres high, is proudly displayed in the centre of the museum hall and weighs 3 tonnes. 1 kilo of chocolate per second flows into the fountain, a real treat.

Client: LINDT Chocolate Competence Foundation, Kilchberg ZH

Architect: Christ & Gantenbein, Basel Charpentier (associate architects), Builders & Partners (execution), Greenaffair (environment)

Design office: Terrell Group (structure), AVLS (acoustics), Barbanel (fluids), Arcora (facades).

Delivery: September 2019