A tailor-made approach
to commercial urban development

Quayside commercial development project

A partner to local authorities and retailers

The collective strength of Eiffage’s specialist skills and expertise has enabled Eiffage Immobilier to establish itself as a preferred partner for commercial urban developments among major retailers and local authorities. The company's comprehensive capabilities in handling administrative and urban planning projects for city centres and suburbs is greatly appreciated by an array of municipalities and companies.

Mixed-use developments in town centres

These large-scale initiatives require mutual commitment from all players involved and demand custom-designed methods, which can be provided by the regional divisions of Eiffage Immobilier through their detailed insight into the local real-estate market. These development projects blend in perfectly with existing buildings and breathe new life into town centres through mixed-use initiatives featuring retail outlets, housing units, office space and public parking facilities. Other projects help to revitalise suburbs through the construction of business and retail parks.

Town-centre buildings and pedestrian zone
The town centre of Arcachon following its redevelopment.

Examples of projects

Town-centre projects developed by Eiffage Immobilier include:

  • Les Hangars des Quais, in Bordeaux (17,400 m2 of retail space)
  • Passage Pasteur, in Besançon (24,900 m2, providing 15,000 m2 of retail space)
  • Clos Colbert, in Nevers (19,000 m2)
  • Îlot des Cordeliers, in Poitiers (13,700 m2)

Suburban projects:

  • Vache Noire shopping centre in Arcueil (70,000 m2, 110 shops and restaurants)
  • Val d’Europe shopping centre in Serris-Marne-la-Vallée (90,000 m2)
  • Parque Nascente de Gondomar shopping centre in Portugal (100,000 m2)
  • Retail Planet shopping centre in Barreiro, Portugal (35,000 m2)
Shopping arcade in a retail park
Les Passages Pasteur shopping centre in Besançon.