With ReforestAction, Eiffage Construction in Auvergne acts for biodiversity by restoring forests

With ReforestAction, Eiffage Construction in Auvergne acts for biodiversity by restoring forests

As a major player in sustainable cities, the Eiffage Group and Eiffage Construction have implemented an ambitious environmental strategy to reduce the carbon footprint of their activities, which is illustrated in particular by the development of our expertise such as wood construction and the use of eco-materials in our projects. Eiffage Construction in Auvergne is part of this dynamic and this year is committed to Reforest'Action to participate in the reforestation and restoration of our forests.

The first step of this partnership, active since early September, takes the form of a field search to launch our first forest reforestation project in Auvergne. This step is underway between our teams and ReforestAction.

In line with the environmental approach of the Eiffage group and Eiffage Construction, this action shows the willingness of our teams in Auvergne to commit to the preservation of forests, biodiversity and climate.
This initiative was born in the minds of our teams through ecological awareness, but also in coherence with certain topics directly related to their activities. It echoes in particular the construction of the future high school of the Clermont-Ferrand agglomeration, a project of Eiffage Construction oriented low carbon and which has for objective, under our impulse and that of the owner of the project the Regional Council Auvergne Rhône Alpes, be a benchmark for energy and environmental performance. Made of wood and straw, it will have the objective of labeling E4C2. It will be located in the heart of the Saint-Jean district, part of one of the major operations of the Eco-Cité Clermont Métropole. This district, a true urban laboratory with European influence, sets ambitious objectives in terms of living environment and environmental approach with remarkable experiments.

The preservation of the environment requires our projects and operations, but also local initiatives in favor of biodiversity!

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