Let’s walk… in Chevilly-Larue, where Eiffage Immobilier delivers the program “La promenade” and the artwork “Rondeurs”

Let’s walk… in Chevilly-Larue, where Eiffage Immobilier delivers the program “La promenade” and the artwork “Rondeurs”

In Chevilly-Larue (Paris Region), in the eco-district of Portes d'Orly and the

joint development zone

Anatole France, the program «La promenade» ("The walk") has just been delivered by our teams, as well as a new artwork installed as part of the charter «1 building, 1 artwork» of which we are a part and which promotes access to art for all, and daily!

Located less than 6 km from Paris, «La promenade» is a real estate program of 40 dwellings spread over 2 buildings. Built in detached residences, the environment is green with the proximity of a departmental park, and well connected to transport and shops (T7, Bus, Metro, A86, Centre commercial Belle Epine).

The work was carried out in an inhabited environment, and with the developer EPA ORSA (Etablissement Public d'Aménagement Orly Rungis Seine Amont).

Designed by MU ARCHITECTURE, the project of more than 2300m² has a clean facade with a white coating animated by warm wood cladding as well as skylights. It meets the environmental standard RT 2012 - 10% - NF HABITAT HQE.

The artistic aspect of the operation is manifested through architecture but also through the work installed within the program: «Roundness». Made of patinated resin, it was made by Sophie Bocher, sculptor and ceramist for 20 years whose workshop is located in Malakoff.

«Roundness» fits perfectly in the work of the artist who tries to reconcile abstraction and figuration. Its color, chosen by a committee whose representatives of the town hall of Chevilly-Larue, is both luminous, original and brings a sweetness evoking life and positivity, according to the artist. The work evokes the idea that each of the inhabitants of this residence feels something both common and different to his approach.

Edgy, all in roundness, the work evokes through its curves a loving or filial embrace, and a fusion between two characters that end up blending into a single movement. Its musicality is felt through the harmony of its oblique lines and curves that can evoke a dance in the manner of Rodin’s La Valse.

Congratulations to our teams for the delivery of this residence, and to the artist who will allow the inhabitants, thanks to this work, to take a daily artistic break!