Eiffage builds the Ohr!zons project, five towers of mixed use, around the port of Charleroi in Belgium

Eiffage builds the Ohr!zons project,  five towers of mixed use, around the port of Charleroi in Belgium

As a part of the Plan of Urban Renovation "Left Side Business Park" of the city of Charleroi, Eiffage, via its Belgian subsidiaries of real-estate development and construction Eiffage Development and Duchêne, was chosen to realize parts 5 and 6, including five towers of mixed use, of this new business center.

The city of Charleroi undertook an ambitious economic and urban re-energization since 2007. It is in this context that IGRETEC, the Belgian Intermunicipal for the Management and Technical and economic Realization of Studies, decided to create the business center "Left Side Business Park". This large-scale project was the object of a Plan of Urban Renovation (PRU), to realize in the South of the district a new mixed pole of offices, housing and businesses.
The global project plans the construction of 40 000m ² of offices divided in four towers and 380 housing located in two other towers and a new block.

Among these 6 projects of the PRU "Left Side Business Park", the realization of parts 5 and 6, named Ohr!Zons (representing 5 tourstowers), was entrusted to Eiffage.
This operation establishes of a set of housing, offices, businesses articulating around an alive esplanade lined with businesses, restaurants, the harbor office, and equipment. It will also integrate a nautical relay.
The Ohr!zons project, first  and foremost concentrates on the mixing of the uses, a diversified offer of housing, equipments for the indoor and the outdoor favoring the social exchanges and the optimization of the green spaces in a heavy occupied zone.

The 5 towers of Ohr!zons will include:

  • 13 010 m² of offices,
  • 246 private apartments,  
  • 18 seniors housing,
  • stores : horeca and local services, fitness gym, medical house etc.
  • community facilities: participative apartment house, day-nursery and playground, shared terraces, urban agriculture on roof etc.

The operation Ohr!zons, carried by Eiffage Development, translated the ambitions of the group Eiffage as an actor for a sustainable city and will integrate innovations such as:

  • the urban farming,
  • the e-apartment house,
  • the mutualized parking,
  • evolutionary housing with a nomadic room,
  • intergenerational housing.