Methods engineer

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Methods engineers ensure projects run smoothly by identifying the necessary human resources, equipment and materials, and deciding which methods to employ. This type of preparatory work is essential for seamless operations…


  • Optimisation of equipment and accuracy of execution deadlines
  • Organisational and technical assistance provided to the design department prior to project start-up and on-site during the execution phase
  • Decisive contribution to sales strategy through comprehensive and clear-cut presentation of proposed methods
  • Compliance with environmental regulations


Technical skills

  • Ability to read drawings and plans
  • Planning
  • Use of Critical Path Method (CPM)
  • Knowledge of equipment (cranes, concrete form panels, etc.)

Managerial and social skills

  • Relations with subsidiaries and awareness of their needs
  • Good relations with internal teams (sales, etc.) and external contacts (engineering consultants)

Safety skills

  • Knowledge of safety procedures
  • Integration of these procedures in methods engineering